Japan Racing Wheels Review

Are Japan Racing Wheels any good, or just another spin off replica wheel company like Rota?

We come across sets of these wheels at times and it has to be said the wheel designs are good – most being a replica of other brand wheels – but how do they hold up, and are they worth the money?


Believe it or not, lots of people run Japan Racing wheels in Australia, and we’ve seen some on more expensive cars as well. It has to be said the designs look good, although on closer inspection don’t have as good a quality finish as top brand wheels or sought after JDM brands. You won’t notice unless you compare like for like, i.e. by putting Japan Racing wheels next to a set of Volks or Enkeis.


There’s a reason established wheel brands sell for so much money. It’s not just about innovative style and finish, it’s also about quality of workmanship, material, and weight.

Weight is an important factor when it comes to racing, or even racking up the km on your road car, and a few grams here and there matter. Your rims are classes as unsprung weight, which means they affect acceleration, handling, tyre wear, and overall drivability. That’s why racers spend the extra dough on a strong and light set of alloys.

Just like Rotas, Japan Racing replica wheels tend to be heavier than their genuine counterparts. If you’re fine with slightly heavier wheels then all good – you’ll be saving some dollars – and if you drive a street car then you may never notice.

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